State of Greater Western New York Report, Guest, Amie Alden – March 11, 2021

This show features a short chronology of the formation of all 17 counties making up the Greater Western New York Region (plus a bonus explaining why one county name got canceled and who was honored in changing that name. Historic county boundary maps courtesy of the Newberry Library.

Amie Alden, Historian of Livingston County, joins us for the rest of the show. She first talks about some of the notable history of the county, including famous people, memorable events, and popular attractions.

In the second segment, Amie showcases how Livingston County is planning to celebrate its bicentennial this year. (2021 features three different Greater Western New York counties celebrating their 200th birthday, Livingston County among them.) She also explains how to do the “Covid-pivot” in the middle of planning for this year-long anniversary party.

Theme music by mansardian courtesy of under Creative Commons License Attribution 3.0

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