Travel & Tourism Update from Drew Brown and Cindy Kimble on This Week’s State of Greater Western New York Report – May 6, 2021

What’s been happening with the local tourism industry since the pandemic struck last year?

This week’s State of Greater Western New York Report features local travel and tourism professionals from both extremes of the Greater Western New York Region. You’ll find all about what has happened, what is happening, and what will happen.

In the show’s first segment, Drew Brown, Marketing Manager for Visit Buffalo Niagara tells us how his area responded to Covid last year, including who stopped visiting, who kept visiting, and the impact of the border closing. He describes the new Upstate Eats 225-mile trail that spans from Central New York into the Greater Western New York region. He also talks about the enhancements to the family experience regarding the Buffalo Heritage Carousel, the Longshed at Canalside, and the addition of the Ferris Wheel to Riverworks as well as the continued improvement to the outdoor recreation activities on the waterfront. He finishes with an update on the completion of the restoration of the Frank Lloyd Wright sites in Buffalo and what popular festival events remain scheduled for this summer.

In the second segment, Cindy Kimble, President of the Finger Lakes Tourism Association, speaks about the ongoing effort to have the region declared a National Heritage Area. There are already 55 designated areas today in America. She outlines what you can do to help assist in this effort. She also tells us about some of the historical events of the area, including several that pertain to the Greater Western New York Region, and what the most popular tourist destination in the Finger Lakes are is.

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