Allegany County Destinations & Events on This Week’s State of Greater Western New York Report – July 8, 2021

Perhaps the most serene vista in Greater Western New York, Allegany County is the place to go when you’re looking for a second home. Steve Havey, Allegany County Chamber of Commerce Tourism Specialist, joins us this week to talk about the places to go, things to do, and special events occurring this summer in this jewel of the Southern Tier.

In the first half of the show, he tells us all about several great destinations. It begins with the historic town of Angelica. Do you know its connection to the infamous duel between Hamilton and Burr? You’ll find out here. In terms of fun, whether it’s on land or on water, there are things to do in Allegany County. Between riding your ATV through an old pine forest and kayaking down the Genesee River, you’ll find Allegany County a very moving experience.

But the fun doesn’t stop there! Havey uses the second half of the show to explore several events planned from now through the falls. It begins with the Allegany County Fair, an old-fashioned agricultural fair. Next is Angelica Heritage Days. We can’t forget about the Bow Hunting Festival at Swain. In September we have the annual Garlic Festival in Cuba before returning to Angelica to experience the traditional fall Civil War reenactment.

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