Fort Niagara on This Week’s State of Greater Western New York Report – September 30, 2021

Fort Niagara stands atop the precipice where its namesake river drains into Lake Ontario. Centuries before there was a United States, it played a crucial role in the strategies of international powers. After the Revolutionary War, Fort Niagara continued to figure prominently in the early development of the Greater Western New York Region, including during the War of 1812. Speaking of that War, did you know there’s a fascinating story of a woman who helped secure the Fort just before the British invasion. Learn more on this week’s State of Greater Western New York Report.

In the show’s first segment, Niagara County Historian Catherine Emerson tells the history of Fort Niagara, from its French beginnings to its British takeover to the post-Revolutionary War controversy where its national ownership came into question. While legally resolved by the Jay Treaty of 1794, the matter wouldn’t truly be settled until the War of 1812.

In the second half of the show, Emerson relays the important story of Betsy Doyle. Until very recently misnamed “Fanny” Doyle, Betsy’s story reveals how war can create long-lasting tragedy within a family, but also how it can inspire bravery as she demonstrates the kind of resiliency well recognized as a particular trait of our region.

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