“Why Schuyler County?” on This Week’s State of Greater Western New York Report – October 7, 2021

Nearly eighty years after the Founding of America and the establishment of New York State, Greater Western New York’s youngest (and last) county was created from portions of three other counties. Why was this so and what was the reaction at the time? Learn this and the story before the story on this week’s show.

In the first half of the show, Schuyler County Historian Gary Emerson takes us down a trip through memory lane. He explores not only what prompted the creation of Schuyler County, but what happened before that event and why it made creating a new county inevitable.

During the second portion of the show, Emerson drills down into the seminal event of all of Greater Western New York – the Sullivan Campaign of 1779. He explains what prompted the maneuver, its impact on the Iroquois (and especially the Seneca), and why it was more important for our Region as opposed to the Revolutionary War effort. He also talks about the controversy surrounding the Seneca “Queen” whose town was razed during the Campaign.

Our guest happily answered questions from the live audience. In fact, these are probably some of the same questions you had. Would you like to be a member of our live audience so you can ask our guests questions? Click here to join the growing number of members who share your feelings on StateOf.GreaterWesternNewYork.com because then we can automatically send you the link to watch our shows live.

Theme music by mansardian courtesy of FreeSound.org under Creative Commons License Attribution 3.0 https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/

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