“Now We’re Talking” on This Week’s State of Greater Western New York Report – January 13, 2022

Have you ever wondered how they got sound into movies? Believe it or not, there’s a local connection to this that few people realize, but that’s not the whole story. We tackle the issue of what Hollywood tried to steal from Auburn inventor Ted Case this week on The State of Greater Western New York Report.

In the show’s first segment, Toni and Luke Colella, mother and son co-authors of “Now We’re Talking – The Story of Theodore W. Case and Sound-on-Film,” reveal what prompted them to write the book and how they did their research on this nearly century-old tale. Luke explains how a classroom assignment became a full-fledged book and Toni tells how her roots as a teacher-guided them to discover truths long dismissed to the dustbin of history.

During the second half of the show, we explore what surprised both Luke and Toni most when writing the book. We also learn more about Ted’s last surviving child Jane, a “World War II Code Girl” on the cusp of her 99th birthday. The host, who interviewed Jane just prior to the show, and the guests relay her amazing stories that include how humble her father was and what he told her when she once swore when wrapping a gift got the better of her.

Both our guests happily answered questions from the live audience. In fact, these are probably some of the same questions you had. Would you like to be a member of our live audience so you can ask our guests questions? Click here to join the growing number of members who share your feelings on StateOf.GreaterWesternNewYork.com because then we can automatically send you the link to watch our shows live.

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