‘Can I Put my 2-Year-Old On My Payroll?’

They say Social Security will run short of cash in a decade. That’s bad news for you. It’s worse news for your kids. And your grandkids? Forget about it. But there’s something you can do to head this crisis off at the pass. At least for your family. And it might just turn your children and grandchildren into middle-class millionaires. What’s the secret and how can you take advantage of it? Click the link below for this week’s episode of The State of Greater Western New York Report Watch as we reveal the answer on The State of Greater Western New York Report.

Christopher Carosa, Child IRA expert and author of two popular books on the subject, starts off by explaining why money isn’t the most important thing when it comes to Child IRAs. Setting up these retirement savings vehicles can not only produce big numbers for their beneficiaries, but they can also help ease the anxiety of parents. At the end of the first segment, Carosa shows how all working teenagers can benefit from Child IRAs in a most impressive way.

In the show’s second half, Carosa introduces the biggest obstacle parents face with establishing Child IRAs for pre-teens and toddlers. He tells you why it is possible, particularly so for parents who own their own businesses (even if those businesses are part-time side hustles). Finally, he demonstrates the impact of starting a Child IRA for a two-year-old by using two highly likely scenarios. Again, the numbers will impress you.

Our guest happily answered questions from the live audience. In fact, these are probably some of the same questions you had. Would you like to be a live audience member so you can ask our guests questions? Click here to join the growing number of members who share your feelings on StateOf.GreaterWesternNewYork.com because then we can automatically send you the link to watch our shows live.

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