PR Tips for Small Businesses with Charles Jones & Steve Reszka on the State of Greater Western New York Report – April 8, 2021

What’s the biggest mistake most small businesses make when it comes to public relations? How do professionals guide their clients away from these mistakes? Big companies have name recognition that opens PR doors, do you know there’s a way small businesses without name recognition can benefit from the same strategy?
Learn the answers to these questions and many more as this week’s State of Greater Western New York Report focuses on PR tips for small businesses.
In our first segment, Charles Jones talks about his experience working with big firms conducting national campaigns. He compares the needs and wants of those larger companies versus smaller businesses. He then takes you through the basic steps you’ll need to walk through as you develop a successful PR strategy.
The second half of the show features Steve Reszka who has an interesting background story (which he tells). He’ll share with you his very real experiences with actual PR campaigns of small businesses in the Greater Western New York Region. He’ll also tell you a way to get in the news by making news (in a good way)!
All this plus several interesting questions from our viewers. If you’d like to ask future guests, be sure to register at so you can be sent the Zoom invite to watch the show live, every Thursday at noon (because only those watching the live broadcast can ask questions).
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