Is Bedford Falls really Seneca Falls? on This Week’s State of Greater Western New York Report – December 2, 2021

It’s a movie we watch every Christmas. It’s become a family tradition. But the real question is, did Frank Capra knowingly – or subconsciously – model It’s A Wonderful Life’s Bedford Falls after the real-life Seneca Falls?

Anwei Law, the President of the It’s A Wonderful Life Museum in Seneca Falls, joins us on today’s show. She grew up in Hong Kong and later in Hawaii, so she is just as surprised as you might be to discover she’s now the head of the museum dedicated to this Christmas classic (spoiler alert, no matter where she lived, she always liked Christmas).

In the first half of the show, Law describes a little bit of the history behind the movie and how Frank Capra’s travels may have influenced several aspects of the final script. While she points out many incidental similarities between the fictional Bedford Falls and the actual Seneca Falls, she reveals one fact that simply goes well beyond coincidence.

During the second portion of the show, Law tells us a little bit about the museum, how it got there, and how it’s grown. She always talks about the blossoming annual festival, including its very beginnings and the national coverage it’s received (as well as the many Hollywood connections). Law wraps things up with some details on this year’s festival, which is celebrating the 75th anniversary of the famous film. She closes by reminding everyone more information can be found online at the following websites: | | |

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